Construction Site Broadband – what are your options?

construction site broadband solutions

Why is internet access vital to construction sites?

Good broadband for construction sites is quite simply essential to successful operations. It is a requirement for health and safety, communication, M2M applications and much more.  

For example, internet connectivity is required for accessing documents from the cloud, video conferencing, using business applications on devices and enabling security/health and safety equipment such as CCTV and site access terminals.

Watch our video or read the article below to learn more about the best construction site broadband options for your project:

Construction Site Broadband Options

There are multiple options for providing Wi-Fi and internet access to construction sites. These include:

4G/5G Internet for Construction Sites

Due to rapid deployment and high speeds, as well as the option of unlimited data, 4G internet for construction sites is our most widely deployed solution for our clients. Due to billions of pounds in continued investment by UK mobile operators, 4G and 5G data speeds have long surpassed those available through traditional fixed-line broadband.

We use the latest technology to provide the fastest, most reliable 4G / 5G solution possible. We combine dual network, high capacity data sims with industrial grade M2M routers and high gain external antennas, with our sites achieving 4G download/upload speeds 100MB+.

Private LTE & 5G Networks

Private LTE and Private 5G networks utilise the same technology that is used by mobile networks, to provide a private wireless network. In the simplest terms, this private, local network looks just like WiFi, but leverages the much more secure, scalable and resilient LTE and 5G technology. Due to the unrivalled levels of control, security and quality of service, Private LTE & 5G networks are perfect for a number of enterprise environments, particularly those that handle sensitive data and require a constant connection for mission-critical operations.

These include:

  • Airports
  • Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Utilities
  • Public Safety
  • Financial Services
  • Industry 4.0 Automation
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Satellite Broadband for Construction Sites

Satellite broadband is designed for very remote or rural sites, where traditional, fixed-line data connections cannot reach.  

Our satellite broadband technology can deliver speeds of up to 50MB, integrating seamlessly with VoIP, CCTV and Video Conference solutions. This will provide your site business grade connectivity wherever you are located.

Air Fibre Broadband for Construction Sites

Air Fibre Internet is a fixed wireless high-speed broadband service which uses fixed location microwave radios on a high location as opposed to a phone line or cable. It is similar to cable and fibre in terms of performance, achieving high download and upload speeds, with the capacity for a high number of users. This is a much faster solution than DSL or satellite broadband, for example, making it perfect for supporting large construction projects.

Fixed-line Broadband for Construction Sites

While many of our clients choose to utilise our temporary connectivity solutions for the entirety of their projects, some major or longer-term sites will benefit from a fixed-line broadband connection. This is delivered via traditional copper cabling, or high capacity fibre optic, depending on the site’s requirements.

Whether at site, regional or head office, we offer a range of business grade broadband options from standard ADSL to direct to premises, dedicated internet access. A leased line, for example, will provide the fastest possible connection (up to 1Gbps).

As the installation of fixed internet services can often take several weeks or months, we can install a temporary system initially and migrate this over to the permanent connection once it’s ready, meaning business continuity from the first day of operations.

What type of connection should be deployed to my site?

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing an internet solution for your construction site:

  • Site Location – a city centre construction project may have access to ultra-fast 5G or a leased line, achieving the fastest, most reliable connection possible. Construction projects which are located outside city and town centres would likely benefit from 4G broadband solutions; sites which are more remote would likely require a satellite or Air Fibre connection. Our connectivity specialists can work with you to identify the best possible solution.
  • The number of users – larger construction projects, with more users and more devices, will require the best possible connection. Data usage must also be considered here too, as downloading large files and video conferencing will quickly eat into your data allowance. Our unlimited data packages will solve this problem and ensure peace of mind for your workforce.
  • Project start date – Construction projects cannot afford to wait for connectivity. With no requirement for phone lines to be installed, by using a 4G, Air Fibre or Satellite Broadband solution, communications infrastructure for construction sites can be installed in just a matter of days. Depending on the location and the local infrastructure, fixed-line broadband connections could take a matter of months.
  • Project length ­– if your construction project is going to last several years, a fixed-line broadband connection may be the best solution. However, as this could take several months, we can supply 4G, Air Fibre or Satellite broadband from day one of the project, ensuring a seamless transition to a fibre connection when ready.
  • Costs – the costs of the equipment, installation and data all must be taken into consideration when choosing a construction site broadband solution. A small construction site with few users, for instance, may not need a high capacity connection. Larger projects, with a high number of users, on the other hand, will need faster speeds, more data and better equipment.

What should be my next steps?

Get in touch with one of our connectivity specialists – we can advise the optimal solution, with the latest technology, to get your construction project up and running and achieving the best possible speeds.

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