Afton Windfarm

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Clarus Site Solutions is delighted to be working with Red Rock Power to deliver internet and voice connectivity across Afton Windfarm.


Afton Wind Farm is an operational 50 MW onshore wind development in located in East Ayrshire, Scotland.

The wind farm will power up to 35,000 homes each year and is expected to generate 3.5 million MWh of electricity in its lifetime.

Due to the remote location, this operational wind farm in East Ayrshire, Scotland was struggling with poor mobile phone connectivty inside the main control building.


Our team attended and installed four of our Boost Pro mobile signal repeater units, high gain external donor antennas and multiple indoor omni antennas.

The entire control building now benefits from strong mobile voice and data connectivity across all four UK networks which helps to support the sites operational and health and safety efforts.

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Red Rock Power
Image courtsery of Red Rock Power Ltd
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