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GRAHAM - Baird & Anchor

Fully Managed Site Connectivity

Aberdeen’s Baird Family Hospital and ANCHOR Centre

Founded in 1778 and with over 100 live projects, GRAHAM specialises in the delivery of award-winning construction, civil engineering, and FM projects, across education, healthcare, rail, and retail sectors.

Located in Aberdeen, Scotland, The Baird Family Hospital will unite all maternity, neonatal, reproductive medicine, breast, and gynaecology services, as well as a patient hotel and dedicated teaching and research facilities. The ANCHOR Centre will house all haematology, oncology and radiotherapy day and outpatient services under one roof. There will also be a dedicated lounge for teenage and young adult patients, an aseptic pharmacy to produce chemotherapy treatments, and dedicated teaching and research facilities.

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The Challenge

With a large onsite team, GRAHAM’s previous connectivity solution did not have the required bandwidth to accommodate operational requirements. With the site being too far from local exchanges, the project team could not afford to wait for the groundworks required for a traditional fibre installation. Clarus was therefore approached to provide a rapidly deployed solution that could cater for:

  • Support BIM and CAD software’s large upload and download file sizes
  • Security – integrate with company VPN
  • Integrate with existing wireless access points
  • Provide connectivity for GRAHAM Digital Construction Team’s innovative onsite VR solution

The Solution

Clarus engineers conducted a detailed survey, including spectrum analysis of all available mobile networks to identify the fastest and most stable mobile operator frequencies. 

We then installed our industrial-grade M2M LTE device which maximises data speeds and connectivity in any location. This works particularly well in remote locations where other devices cannot deliver the required bandwidth and speeds.

For this project, we implemented a dual network, load-balanced solution, plugged into GRAHAM’s Sonic Wall. This combination of two networks offers the combined speeds and network resilience of Vodafone and O2, with auto-failover, should one network ever go down.

Our engineers also installed structured cabling into each site cabin and connected WiFi access points, to ensure connectivity reaches everyone who needs it. 

The Results

Maximum possible speeds achieved at each site and location.

Seamless, fibre-like connectivity, achieving 160Mbps download and 59Mbps upload speeds over LTE. 

Fully networked site offices, allowing employees to access and share plans, CAD drawings and to collaborate with other colleagues across GRAHAM Group.

Instant communication with Head Office, partners, suppliers, and the community.

The option of IP connectivity for site security – CCTV systems, sensors, and health and safety equipment – where required.

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Our solutions are aimed at supporting both remote and centrally located projects and we can provide data and voice connectivity within days of your cabins arriving at any location allowing project managers and site teams to benefit from “power-on, comms-on”​.

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