Clarus provides a UK-based eSIM network which provides connectivity to all four UK mobile operators, as well as access to 450 networks worldwide.

eSIMs provide the most reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution for ensuring the best possible connection for an organisation’s IoT / M2M applications.

Whether it is for enabling mobile / tablet devices and applications on remote sites, or full mobile broadband solutions, Clarus can cater for any requirement.

eSIM Suppliers UK

Secure – The robust eSIM standards are built to withstand any manipulation by unauthorised third parties, ensuring maximum security for your user mobile profiles.

Industrial Grade – Our M2M industrial-grade eSIMs are designed to be used in harsh environments and working conditions. This makes eSIMs the perfect solution for remote locations and construction sites.

Cost-effective – We provide fixed-cost tariffs which are bespoke to our users’ requirements. This is based on the amount of data required, and which countries the devices will be used in.

Managed – Our eSIMs are fully managed by the powerful Mobile Manager interface. This enables our customers to monitor data usage, add bolt-ons, activate SIMs and set up alerts. We also have a dedicated support team available to assist, ensuring you have nothing to worry about.

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